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Tony Liottas Groove Attack:

The concert series Groove Attack was established by Tony Liotta. On his own initiative, with passion and lifeblood Tony Liotta is organizing this concert series. As world famous cult drummer and producer, his worldwide contacts make it possible to bring other highclass proffesional musicians on stage. Groove Attack, which were previously John C. Marshall (Ray Charles), John Hayes (Mother’s Finest), Michael Kratz (Candy), Markus Scheltinga (Cyndi Lauper), Laura Majala (Buena Vista Social Club),  Denis Hormes (DJ Bobo), Peter van der Heusen (Roncalli), UFO Walter (Santana), Luca Scansani (Zucchero), Enrico Santacatterina (Dizzy Gillespie, Raffaela Carra), Paul Bernardoli (Paul McCartney, Status Quo, Bon Jovi), and many other artists of international reputation more. Groove Attack is slightly different music where famous musicians enjoy the musical freedom with their own interpretation and their solos to inspire the audience. With, of course, always Tony Liotta on drums and / or percussion -Liotta alone is a world-class concert!
We have tribute concerts, we play Toto, Sting, Pink Floyd, Bryan Adams, Joe Cocker and many others.
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